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ADHD Marriage and Who’s on First?

Sherri Cannon

Sherri Cannon


I’m a very casual sports fan married to a real deal baseball guy with his name on a trophy in Cooperstown.

Real Deal Baseball Guy, or RDGB: “Hey, look at this. This is so great… you’re gonna love it.”

He’s excited. As he searches with the remote for the right clip, player names and positions and stats flow from him. Something about an altercation (which he knows I love).

Me: “Wait. All this happened in this game?”

RDBG: “No, this is a different game. But they’re talking about what happened two days ago.”

I’m confused and intrigued.

Me: “So this fight…is between the pitcher and first baseman?”

RDBG: “No. Altuve, the 2nd baseman took on the pitcher.”

Wait. What? Who is Altuve? MVP 2017.

What team is this? Houston Astros.

Who are they playing? Unimportant…but the Cleveland Indians.

It takes a bit to get on the same page but we do. Over 30 years with this guy, I’ve learned it’s usually worth it.

Here are the facts: The Houston Astros are reigning World Series champs. In a game vs the Cleveland Indians which they would ultimately lose 8-6, First Baseman Yuli Gurriel made an error which resulted in a runner on first.

As he watches the error unfold, pitcher Lance McCullers’ body language says it all:




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