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For more than 15 years, I’ve coached clients in fast organizations—places where they’re assumed smart, collaborative, results-obsessed and able to leap over small buildings in one single, change embracing bound. These human beings bring passion, energy and talent to their work. And to stay passionate and energized, they need to flourish professionally, be nourished by the work and retain

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their humanity. Respectful of both head and heart, they intend to be fully engaged, passionate about work and life. If I’m describing you, then you may know the energy-zapping bewilderment of the moment when you realize that the life you have, no longer resembles the life you want. One dazed client confessed, “It’s like I changed paths without realizing it, like my

right life — a path I’d known so well — was just gone… grown over with weeds. How did that happen?” I call it “parallel lives” paradox. If you relate, it’s time to reweave these diverging lives into your one best life. Just fill out the information in the form below and take the next step toward reweaving YOUR parallel lives.

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