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My Story

This is my story in my own words, so that you can know me better…

The first real speech I delivered was in 5th grade, and it successfully drained all color from the faces of my mother, the Lion’s Club Speech judge and my Lutheran schoolteacher.  Little did they know that I would lecture passionately about the alarmingly high rate of teenage pregnancies in our town.  Feeling the power of the podium, I made my case vigorously, demanding earlier birth control education be provided to Fort Wayne students.   Nothing earth shattering today, I know. But back then, it got me closely watched for quite a while.

As this story shows, I’ve never been big on small talk.

As a teacher and coach, I invite conversation that expands thinking and grows the group’s capacity to work effectively with constant change and challenge.  These powerful conversations break down barriers, revealing how people so seemingly different, actually have a good deal in common.

And like you, I’ve witnessed the effect passion has on the quality of my life and work. Once, I tried very hard to successfully live parallel lives when I realized I was no longer enthralled with my Fortune 25 sales career and all its perks. I was my most energized when facilitating a management course or coaching an employee. The more I tried, the harder it was to keep two lives functioning well. There was the life I had (it paid the bills but left me depleted), and there was the life I wanted (it paid not a dollar yet, and completely enthralled me.)

Two decades ago, I chose to follow what energized me, leaving corporate to build a business in which I help smart, caring and busy professionals design and live their best lives –lives that are personally and professionally fulfilling.

Since then, I’m privileged to have worked with thousands of people in dynamic organizations like Microsoft, Cisco and J&J. From consumer products to technology to non-profit; across four continents and seven countries, I’ve partnered with Engineers, CPAs, Finance Divisions, Marketing Professionals, Pharmaceutical Teams, Entrepreneurs and C-Suite Executives.

I live with my husband in San Pedro, California, a town described by journalist Steve Lopez as  “a burg without polish or pretense, shouldered up high on a hill above the port, a million miles from LA.”   Most days, I walk above the ocean as pelicans do fly-bys and harbor seals bark on the rocks below.

And now, a more conventional bio:

Organizations turn to Sherri Cannon to help grow the kind of high trust teams, and effective communication skills that lead to real collaboration, innovation and sustainable success.

Since founding The Cannon Group in 1993, Sherri has led more than 1400 workshops on four continents attended by 180,000 participants.  In addition to facilitating group learning, Sherri is a self-described Clarity Coach who helps individuals design and live clear and fulfilling lives.

The firm’s client roster includes business and social entrepreneurs, directors, managers and individual team members. Regardless of title, they share a strong desire to grow as individuals, and contribute meaningfully to their families, organizations and communities.  The Cannon Group helps organizations build high engagement and high-trust relationships so that smart people are able to consistently produce exceptional, sustainable success.

In partnership with a network of talented experts, The Cannon Group provides in-depth skill assessment, consulting, need-specific training and executive development services.

Sherri’s work with individuals and organizations blends the power of clear and shared goals, authenticity and candid conversation about the right topics. The result is a highly engaged work place delivering excellent business results

Before founding the company, Sherri moved rapidly through five levels of sales management with Procter & Gamble where she led the company’s second largest consumer market to record sales.  Before that, she earned her BA in Journalism from Indiana University.

Sherri lives in Southern California with her husband, Roger, an educator and writer.

Sherri Cannon