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About Coaching

I’ve got one agenda. As your Coach, I bring genuine interest in you and your life, curiosity, deep and active listening, clarifying questions, advice when appropriate, tools at the right time and extensive life and business experience. And I am focused on one agenda: Yours.

Speed Up the Good Stuff.

When we as Coach and Client are a good fit, our coaching partnership accelerates progress in the areas that count. Specifically, my clients get really good at eliminating long-standing obstacles, navigating around and through hairballs,* ending procrastination, deciding vs. marinating, and creating fulfilling careers and lives.

Get Clear.

When you’re clear, YOU direct your focus. Your invaluable time and energy gets intentionally channeled—not lost or wasted. Together, we’ll identify your personality preferences, values, best practices and greatest strengths. Reaching goals is sweeter when you’re clear because, let’s face it — clarity allows you to celebrate success in the areas that truly matter to you. I’ll help you develop this clarity by being both your thinking and accountability partner. My coaching clients want to flourish professionally, be nourished by their work, and retain their humanity. They want to live one congruent life, not divided “parallel lives.” If this sounds like you; and you’re drawn to what you’ve been reading, let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit. To schedule your complimentary coaching session with me, just visit my client site and select a time. You’ll get a good sense of my coaching style, and most likely a strategy, new approach or insight put in practice. After the call. If we agree that we’re a good fit, we’ll move forward together. I look forward to our first conversation and the opportunity to get to know you. Warmly, Sherri

*Hairball: [hair-bawl]: Policy, procedure, conformity, compliance, rigidity and submission to status quo.

Definition borrowed from a little book of which I’m a big fan, Orbiting the Giant Hairball, A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace by Gordon Mackenzie.

My Coaching Clients Speak

“I met Sherri Cannon after attending her “7 Habits” workshop ten years ago, and I started coaching with her in order to grow my professional effectiveness. The results have been phenomenal, and my career trajectory is the proof. What I didn’t expect is that my professional development work with Sherri would also bring me personally transformation, which has spilled over positively into all aspects of my life. The body of work that Sherri brings to her clients is unique, amazing and transformational. I have realized a wealth of benefit and I recommend her to anyone who looking for a greater level of balance, influence and authenticity in both work and life.” Cindy Wilson Sr. Director, Global Marketing Juniper Networks

“Sherri Cannon is just an exceptional coach. She is honest, direct, immensely knowledgeable about the workplace in general, and yours in particular. And oh did I mention that she is stickler for clarity? This is perhaps her greatest strength. In three distinctly different companies, she has helped me to see clearly, act definitively–and to support those on my leadership team to do likewise. She is a keen observer and she asks excellent questions; in my case, she very quickly put together an excellent and accurate picture of my goals but my style, strengths, and challenges. She respects the way that the leader wants to do it–she just wants us to do it better and more effectively. Thank God for that.” Dr. Peggy O’Brien Chief Executive Officer Family & Public Engagement DC Public Schools

“Sherri Cannon has a depth of character and compassion that are evident within moments of meeting her. She is one of the most giving women I’ve ever had the great fortune to meet and, oh my goodness, she has incredible gifts to give. Everything she is and everything she has in terms of experience, wisdom and knowledge, she brings to her coaching. She ‘gets’ to the very core of the people she coaches because she lives from the very core of who she is.” Sally Robertson Coach and Entrepreneur StandUpMama, NY, NY

“Thank you for the coaching that provided me with insight and tools to understand how I work and how to then work more effectively. You have a gift for bringing people’s thoughts into focus and for listening for deeper issues.” Dave Bartell Business Development Manager Strategic Partner Organization Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Sherri has an amazing ability to get right to the heart of things! Working with her, I was able to strip away the ‘layers’ of a situation and get the needed clarity to make sustainable changes in my professional and personal worlds. I developed significantly more productive relationships with direct reports, peers, bosses and customers. Because Sherri understands the business world and listens intensely to her clients, I saw the bigger picture of my career and have taken my leadership skills to the next level. My work with Sherri genuinely has resulted in more satisfaction in my life and success in my work by. I now know how to work from my strengths.” Carol Vernon President Communication Matters, LLC

“I really need your spirit, energy and guidance in my life. It’s very enriching and helpful and I look forward to our continued work. But beyond the business contract, thanks for being willing to work with me and adapt your coaching style so readily.” Amy Lunzer Director of Procurement Neutrogena Corporation

“Having worked with several other personal coaches, Sherri is by far the best. Her upbeat personality and positive perspective are highly motivating. She’s sincerely interested in my personal and professional success and provides insights

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and feedback that I can immediately use. Sherri’s an excellent listener and communicator. She communicates in a way that makes me comfortable being open and receptive to constructive criticism. Originally, I sought Sherri’s coaching to help me gain clarity about personal and professional goals. Her guidance and insight, assessment and skills inventories, and consistent encouragement helped me gain the confidence and find rewarding employment. Importantly, I feel that my work with Sherri has provided me with something much more powerful–the tools and ability to keep my life centered on the activities and people that make me most happy.” Brian Dressler Business Process Consultant

“You came to mind prominently when my boss announced her resignation and an interim appointment was needed. My name came up and I heard you say, “Don’t work hard for something you don’t want!” As much as I feel responsive to others’ expectations of me and the prestige of ‘Dean-dom’, I know it’s a nightmare job and I really do not want it. Thank you for giving me the voice to say it.” Lynn Elliot College Registrar

“Sherri, I feel so blessed for having met you some six to seven years ago. It’s a privilege to be able to reflect on life with you; even one hour can be a shifting experience. Thanks for your words today. As usual, I got the kick I needed to move on with my adventures in life. I’ve tried to really look at what separates you from other professional (or less professional) coaches I’ve met. I feel it’s not really about technical skills since that’s the easy part in that with hard work, you’ll get it right eventually. Here’s what I believe is unique about you:

  • You make a conscious effort to know someone at her/his core. No judgment, just discovery. You’re a real friend before everything and you’re passionate about the person you’re engaged with.
  • You ENERGIZE people, you give the kick. Always, you have something new to show, share and reflect on.
  • You participate in the conversation with your own life experience and you really open up and participate emotionally; it’s a two-way, very powerful exchange that builds confidence and trust.
  • You are absolutely beyond the 95percentile at listening and you know how to adapt your listening style, when to let it come, when to stop abruptly, when to challenge…and you do it naturally.”

Guido Torrini Director EMEA Trade Finance Dell, Inc

“Sherri, let me take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your talent, engagement and energy. I really enjoy our work together. I respect your knowledge and experience and find your guidance and insight highly valuable in my personal and professional growth. Whenever you coach me, we break through the clouds and some direction appears. Then I run with that for another three weeks or so.” John T Girard IT Manager Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Thank you so much for today’s pep talk/ideas on approaches, etc. I went from feeling down in the dumps, to hopeful that I could do some things to help better the situation, to confident that I can be 100% ready for a full frontal assault in the name of taking back my life/creating sanity/eliminating the crazy!” Kristal Ferchau Director Global Integrated Marketing Juniper Networks

“In one-on-one coaching, Sherri’s perceptive and probing questions helped me see things I was doing that got in my own way created opportunities for thoughtful self-examination, and opened doors to powerful insights. It was difficult work, but very productive. And it gave me the awareness, knowledge and skills to survive, prosper and take full advantage of opportunity when it came knocking.” Frank Gallagher Executive Director Cable In the Classroom

“Sherri, I remember thinking initially that you would help me focus my energies to do even better work, and lead others more effectively. Oh how you surprised me with what I should have known—that the challenges I needed to explore don’t reside in silos. It’s precisely the richness of your approach, the understanding you bring from so many different facets of our humanity that make you the treasure you are. I remain amazed at the power you helped me unleash. There were often moments of obvious insight, but there were also the thoughts that revealed themselves days and weeks later. You got me thinking and moving in new directions after every session. People who are open and willing to work will find their match in your amazing talent.” Julia H. Galdo Managing Director – Public Communication American Institutes for Research

“It is SO good to have your coaching—there is no way I would pay this kind of attention even though I can feel the significance of these issues!” Joanne Feldmeth Executive Director ChildShare