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What does The Cannon Group do and for whom?

Since 1996, I’ve coached individuals and facilitated workshops in fast organizations—places where you’re assumed smart, collaborative, results-oriented and able to leap over small buildings in a single, change-embracing bound. These are my people. And they’re used to bringing passion, energy and talent to their work. In return, they want to flourish professionally, be nourished by the work and retain their humanity. Respectful of both head and heart, they intend to be fully engaged, passionate about work and life.

Living Parallel Lives?

It’s an uncomfortable surprise then, when one of them discovers that the life she has, no longer resembles the life she wants. How did that happen? For some, it’s the residue of being work-obsessed and just losing track of the rest of life. For others, unclear about what they want, whatever happens fills the space. One very bright client captured the bewilderment, Sometimes, we revert to parallel lives because we’re exposed to too much intellectualizing, and not enough authentic conversation about things that matter. If you’ve ever watched a courageous colleague speak from the heart, only to be interrupted by the dry, airtight logic of commerce, then you know how fast a room full of energy and engagement can go flat.

Reweaving Parallel Paths

Although business has historically viewed the “heart” side of things as somewhat eccentric, a kind of intrusion on productivity, now we know better. Today we know the soul is the very source of much of what our organizations need in order to thrive: unleashed creativity, organically high morale, real collaboration and healthy, candid engagement. My mission is to help busy professionals lead whole and fulfilling lives.

This means being intellectually and emotionally engaged in your work, energized and effective in your whole life. Why would we do it any other way? I look forward to the opportunity for a conversation with you. Drop me an email at [email protected] Warmly,

Founder The Cannon Group